Let's have fun together

Open Play

Come join us! Your kids will be interacting and exploring our amazing playtown.

2 hrs of play $15 + tax (7%)

Private Play

Book the entire playground for friends and family!

8 kids 1.5  hrs $14015 kids 1.5 hrs $200
+ tax (7%)

Why we promote playing:

Recent research has found that recreational and physical activities have a lasting effect on childrens’ mental and physical development. Why? According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “engaging in safe, stable and nurturing active imaginative play, also known as pretend play, is essential for the advancement of executive functioning skills and life course trajectories.”

Playing as a skill booster:


While children play, they’re faced with choosing how to respond, act or react to different situations, teaching them that it takes time, helping kids become more confident and responsible in their decision-making process.

Confidence building

When children play independently they reinforce their ability to trust themselves and help them take leadership roles within their groups.

Creative thinking

Studies have demonstrated that playing stimulates the creative area of the brain, having a positive effect on a child’s future development.

Motor skills

Jumping, running, dancing, singing and playing!! All of these activities promote physical activity while enhancing psychomotor skills.

Social skills

Interaction with peers can create lasting friendships and strengthen a child's ability to relate and create bonds with others.

To sum it up, when children play, they work on different skill sets that impact their early-stage development. It is why we consider it an essential and very important part of their day-to-day lives.